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New website launched

On December 1st we re-launched Yr. Many of you know the new version from before, from mobile apps, but for some it will be a huge transition.

Why new website?

Digital services have a limited lifespan unless they are updated and improved, and this also applies to yr.no. It is almost 10 years since we did a major usability upgrade, although during these years we have made improvements and updates, and created new apps.

For those of you who miss specific services on the new website, we will not stop developing Yr on December 1st. We will launch more services during the upcoming year, and we ensure you that we will further develop the website. We encourage our users to get in touch with us with improvement suggestions. 

Everyone should have access to Yr

It's not just the look and feel of the new website that is different. We have worked a lot with usability and accessibility. We now lauch a website that is simplified so that it works better for people with disabilities or difficultios to see. Also if you have challenges with your landline or the internet connection, the new website is better adapted and require less data capacity. 

Thanks to all of you who use Yr

We are proud that Yr now is becoming more accessible to everyone, and would therefore like to thank our contributors. To all of you responding to our user surveys and providing input. Without you, without our users, we would not have made it. Thanks for your great help!

This is new

For some of you, the new website is a significant transition, so here is an overview of what is new.

Weather forecast updated every 5 minutes

We have a 90-minute weather forecast located at top of the forecast which is updated every 5 minutes called Current conditions. This is a weather forecast for short time planning and for everyone in need of frequent updates about the weather.

Here we see the weather now for Tromsø and predictions for the next 90 minutes. The forecast is based on observations, and are updated every 5 minutes. You find it on top of yr.no after searching for a place.
Here we see the current conditions for Tromsø. Both symbols and precipitation for the next 90 minutes are based on observations, and are updated every 5 minutes.

Special warnings for mountain passes

From the frontpage of the new website you will find three services that apply to larger areas (in Norway).

new services accesible from the frontpage
New weather services from Yr. Mountain passes, weather warnings and snow depths.
Forecast for specific mountain passes and roads
Special forecast for mountain passes and roads. You can select the distance you want to drive and then click on location for detailed weather forecast.

Severe and extreme weather warnings

All issued warnings are displayed on an overview page called weather warnings.

Skjermbilde 2020-12-02 kl. 14.33.57
All weather warnings summarized (for Norway only). You can choose which danger level and type of weather warning you want to look at.

Snow depths

You will also find a useful table showing latest snowfall and snow depth over the last three days. 

snow depth
Table showing snow depths over the last three days. By clicking on places/meteorological stations you can also see warnings and detailed weather statistics.

Wind gusts

Wind gusts now appear in the weather forecast just beside wind when you look at the weather hour by hour. You need to click on a day to access the weather hour by hour!


Nearby is a new service similar to Around You that some of you recognize from the apps. Here you will find, among other things, the nearest measuring stations and special warnings such as UV warnings and air pollution.

Skjermbilde 2020-12-02 kl. 14.48.56
Here is an example of services you will find under Nearby on Yr. Observations, UV forecast and air pollution. 


Coastal weather forecasts and warnings have a spesific section on Yr. We show wave height for nearby sea points, closest observations and calculated tides. This section is under development and more services will be added.

This is what the coastal forecast looks like now. You can click on the chosen day for hour by hour forecast showing wave height. 


This was one of the first new services launched, so many of you already know it. Entering statistics you get an overview of how much it snowed, how cold it was or you can also search for weather on specific dates.

Where is the content on the old Yr?

Some of you will probably miss the old website and some special forecasts such as the meteorologist's forecast map, text forecasts and sattellite images. We can reassure you that this content still will be available from the new websites with links to the old one.

At the bottom of the new website we link to some of the content on the old website that are currently only available there.

Skjermbilde 2020-12-02 kl. 14.54.54
Content on the old website. Links in the bottom of the front page.

We hope that everyone takes time to get to know the new Yr and if there are questions you will find our contacts listed here.

From all of us, to all of you: Have e great Christmas Time!


Team leader Yr (The NRK)
Anette Svee Wilberg
T: +47 402 12 613

Team leader Yr (MET Norway)
Anders Doksæter Sivle
T: +47 992 27 044