MET hovedbygg
Foto: Ingrid Våset

How to get here


The Norwegian Meteorological Institute (METNorway) (googlemap)

Henrik Mohns plass 1
0313 Oslo
Phone: +47 22 96 30 00

The easiest and quickest way to travel to METNorway from Oslo Airport Gardermoen is by the airport express train. But you can also go by express bus.

Airport express train

The airport has a direct train connection to the city centre or to Oslo Central station (Oslo S). Follow the signs “flytoget” or” airport express” to get there.

Travel time: about 20 minutes.
The trains depart every 10 minutes.
Train ticket: NOK 204 (adult)
Webpage for timetable

You can buy tickets from the ticket machines in the terminal or on the train. Or just travel ticketless by the express trains app. Search for  “Flytoget” in Google Play or the App Store.



Airport express bus

Just outside the airport terminal you will find the platforms for the airport express buses.

To go directly to METNorway, take “Flybussen” line no. FB3 (direction Bekkestua). Get off at bus stop "Gaustad” and from there walk directly to METNorway (see map 1.)

Travel time: 46 minutes
Walking time: 13 minutes.
Bus ticket: NOK 205 (adult)
Webpage for timetable and tickets online


gaustad til met via expressbuss

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You can also go directly from the airport into the city centre by the express bus. Take “ Flybussen” line no. FB2 and get off at the last station.

Travel time: 47 minutes
Bus ticket:  NOK 175 (adult)
Webpage for timetable and tickets online

The best way to travel from the city centre to METNorway is by metro.

From the city center/Oslo S to METNorway


The metro station “Jernbanetorget” is located in the same building as the railway station “Oslo S”.

Travel time: about 15 minutes.
Ticket: NOK 38 (adult). Ticket is valid for 60 minutes.
Webpage for timetable

You can buy tickets at the metro stations, kiosk (Narvesen, 7eleven and others) or just download the Ruter ticket app on your smartphone. Search for  “Ruter” in Google Play or the App Store.


Important information about the metro

Metro (t-bane)

If you go for a walk in the city, you can also take the metro from other metro stations like “Nationaltheatret” (the National Theatre) or “ Stortinget” (the Parliament).

Oslo has westward and eastward going metros. Be aware of the direction.

From the city centre to METNorway:

Take metro line no. 4 (Vestli via Storo), no. 5 (Ringen via Storo) or 5 (Sognsvann). Get off at “Forskningsparken” station and walk up to METNorway.

 Map 2 shows the short walk from the metro station “Forskningsparken” to METNorway.

From METNorway to the city centre

Take metro line no. 4 (Bergkrystallen), 5 (Ringen via Majorstuen) or 5 (Vestli via Majorstuen).

MET og tbane

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The buildings at MET

bygninger og ciens

Visit Oslo


Do you need accommodation? Or have some extra time to explore the city? Get all the information you need here: or download VisitOslo’s app on your smartphone. Search for  “Visit Oslo” in Google Play or the App Store.


Most of our guests prefer to stay in hotels in the city centre near the shopping street “Karl Johan”. Along this street you will find three metro stations. The travel time to METNorway is 10-15 minutes.