The Board

The institute belongs administratively to the Ministry of Climate and Environment, and is led by a board.

The current board was appointed by the Ministry of Climate and Environment for the period of 01 January 2019 to 31 Desember 2022  with the following members:

  • Kristin Vinje, Vice Dean, University of Oslo (leader)
  • Eystein Jansen, professor at Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research
  • Guro Andersen, senior advisor, Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency
  • Gerd Halmø, retiree, and former Chief Adviser of Norsk olje og gass
  • Haavard Stensvand, county emergency manager, County Governor of Sogn og Fjordane
  • Jürgen Schulze, Meteorologisk institutt (employee representative)
  • Siv Dearsley, Meteorologisk institutt (employee representative)

Numerical deputies:

  • Roger Schjerva, Chief Economist, ICT-Norway
  • Heidi Arnesen Austlid, CEO of ICT-Norway

Personal deputies:

  • Rune Skoglund, Norwegian Meteorological Institute (for Jürgen Schulze)
  • Gitte Flesland,Norwegian Meteorological Institute (for Siv Dearsley)