Basically all our data and products are free and available free of charge from our download services.

If you want to arrange a customised delivery of data then it will incur a start-up charge and an annual management charge. The information itself is still free. The charges cover the resources that we use in order to set up and then operate the delivery, and will depend on the data and the products you want to have delivered. Guaranteed deliveries are priced so that a share of the infrastructure used to maintain a stable supply, and the cost of monitoring are covered. We will try to accommodate all requests relating to access to meteorological data and products, but for special deliveries our capacity can be limited.

Delivery guarantee

  • For customised deliveries of data and products that are produced by MET with priority systems, 99.5% availability is guaranteed and error rectification will start within one hour on a 24/7/365 basis.
  • For other data and products a guarantee of up to 95% availability can be given and error rectification will start within one hour during normal working hours, or the next working day.