Tromso 10.05.2014
Photo: Hanneke Luijting, Foto: Hanneke Luijting/MET

YOPP statement

With its wide range of expertise providing services on weather, marine and ice information the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway) supports specific science-based operations in and around Norway's land and marine environments. For instance, the forecasting office in Tromsø was active during the IPY-THORPEX campaign. MET Norway is willing to discuss providing specific services if needed for targeted YOPP activities in the field, especially during the Special Observing Periods. The support could be based on the dissemination of existing open data, services and capabilities and/or potentially enhanced data, products and services with the understanding that this would be contingent on resources available at the time. In order to examine which data, product and service requirements can be addressed and how to best respond to them, please add to your request as much detail as possible to the precise information that would be helpful to your monitoring activity. Please address your request to Jørn Kristiansen or the YOPP coordination office.