MET report 2004

Engeland, Kolbjørn, Engen-Skaugen, Torill, Haugen, Jan Erik, Beldring, Stein, and Førland, Eirik: 
Comparison of evaporation estimated by yhe HIRHAM and GWB models for present climate and climate change scenarios (met. no report 17, 2004 - Climate).

Thyness, Vibeke W, Eastwood, Steinar, Godøy, Øystein and Schyberg, Harald : 
Using MODIS at Report from MODIS development projectmet ( report 16, 2004 - Remote sensing).

Engen-Skaugen, Torill: 
Refinement of dynamically downscaled precipitation and temperature scenarios ( report 15, 2004 - Climate).

Albretsen, Jon Winther, Nina Søiland, Henrik and Røed, Lars Petter: 
Models in MONCOZE ( report 14, 2004 - Oceanography).

Hackett, Bruce: 
The impact of global ocean model forcing data on oil spill fate prediction: a comparative study of the "Prestige" accident. ( report 13, 2004 - Oseanografi).

Ødegaard, Viel, Gjerstad, Karl Idar, Bjergene, Norvald, Joblonska, Hildegunn T. B og Walker, Sam Erik: 
Bedre Byluft: Evaluering av prognosemodell for meteorologi og luftkvalitet vinteren 2003/2004 ( report 12, 2004 - Meteorologi).

Melsom, Arne: 
Nondeterministic variability in the Skagerrak and the North Sea: A pilot study ( report 11, 2004 - Oseanografi).

Svensson, Peter (ed), Björnsson, Halldór, Samuli, Antti,
Andresen, Lars, Bergholt, Lisbeth, Tveito, Ole Einar, Agersten, Solfrid, Pettersson, Ola and Vejen, Flemming: 
Quality control of meteorological observations. Description of potential HQC systems (Nordklim) ( report 10, 2004 - Climate).

Benestad, Rasmus and Støren, Egil: 
Seasonal Forecasting for Norway: an assessment ( report 9, 2004 - Climate).

Benestad, Rasmus: 
Empirically downscaled SRES-based climate scenarios for Norway - RegClim results ( report 8, 2004 - climate).

Haakenstad Hilde and Frogner Inger-Lise: 
Extended tests running a limited area ensemble prediction system at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute - LAMEPS ( report 7, 2004).

Homleid, Mariken: 
Weather dependent statistical adaption of 2 meter temperature forecasts using regression methods and Kalman filter. ( report 6, 2004 - Meteorology).

Nordli, Per Øyvind: 
Spring and summer temperatures in Trøndelag 1701 - 2003 ( report 5, 2004 - climate).

Røed, Lars Petter and Debernard, Jens: 
Description of an integrated flux and sea-ice model situable for coupling to an ocean and atmosphere model. ( report 4, 2004 - Climate).

Tarrasón, Leonor., Jan Eiof Jonson, Terje K. Berntsen and Kristin Rypdal: 
Technical Note for the European Commission under contract B4-3040/2002/343093/MAR/C1 “Study on air quality impacts of non-LTO emissions from aviation” ( report 3, 2004).

Lystad, Sofus L.: 
Numerical weather prediction modeles and their role in radio climatology ( report 2, 2004 - Numerical)

Lystad, Sofus L.: 
Atmospheric fine structure radio climatic conditions derived from high-resolution radiosondes ( report 1, 2004 - Atmospheric)