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MyWave: A pan-European concerted and integrated approach to operational wave modelling and forecasting – a complement to GMES MyOcean services

The research and development objectives can be summarized in three points:

  • Lay the foundation for a marine core Copernicus service that includes ocean waves
  • To improve wave model physics
  • Improve techniques for use of earth observations in wave forecasting


MyWave- D1.1: Documentation of a web based source code library for WAM.
Author: Arno Behrens.

My Wave-D1.2:Air-Sea Interaction and Surface Waves.
Authors: Peter A.E.M. Janssen, Øyvind Breivik, Kristian Mogensen, Frédéric Vitart, Magdalena Balmaseda, Jean-Raymond Bidlot, Sarah Keeley, Martin Leutbecher, Linus Magnusson, and Franco Molteni.

MyWave-D1.3: Report on wave physics development.
Authors: Øyvind Breivik, Kristian Mogensen, Jean-Raymond Bidlot, Magdalena AlonsoBalmaseda, and Peter A.E.M. Janssen.

MyWave-D1.4: Report on Wave Coupling.
Authors:  Lucio Torrisi, Luigi Cavaleri, Korres G., Papadopoulos A., Varlas G., Katsafados P.

MyWave-D2.1: Near-shore scatterometer wind product.
Author:  G.J. Marseille.

MyWave-D2.2: Assimilation methodologies.
Authors:  M. Verlaan, S. Caires, G.J. Marseille, K. Wahle, H.G. Günther, J. Staneva.

MyWave-D2.3: Validation of coastal forecasts.
Authors: Gert-Jan Marseille, Paolo Pezzutto, Marta Gomez, Cristina Toledano Lozano, Sofia Caires, Ad Stoffelen.

MyWave-D3.1: Met Office Wave Model Ensemble Prediction Systems in the ‘Atlantic-Euro Zone’ and USAM-CNMCA ‘Nettuno’ Ensemble Prediction System in the Mediterranean Sea.
Authors:  Bunney, C., Li, J. Saulter, A., Torrisi, L., Marcucci, F., Cavaleri, L., Pomaro, A.,Pezzutto, P.

MyWave-D3.2: Availability of in-situ and satellite data and methodology of data transfer for wave ensemble prediction system validation.
Authors: Inghilesi, R., Orasi, A., Cavaleri, L., Pomaro, A.

MyWave-D3.3: Ensemble harbour forecast performance.
Authors:  Cristina Toledano Lozano, Marta Gómez Lahoz.

MyWave-D3.4: Inter-comparison of MetOffice and CNMCA ensemble prediction systems for Mediterranean Sea.
Authors: Paolo Pezzutto, Christopher Bunney, Luigi Cavaleri.

MyWave-D4.1: Definition of experiment plan and resources for MyWaveTask 4.1: Identify ‘compatible metrics’ using remote sensed and in-situ wave measurement basleines.
Authors: Tamzin Palmer, Andy Saulter.

MyWave-D4.2: Proposal of metrics for user focused verification of deterministic wave prediction systems.
Authors: Andy Saulter, Jean Bidlot, Chris Bunney, Marta Gómez-Lahoz, Tamzin Palmer, Paolo Puzzetto.

MyWave-D4.3: Estimation of regional observation errors and application to MyWave metrics.
Authors: Tamzin Palmer, Andy Saulter

MyWave-D4.4: Proposal for wave verification within a Marine Core Service.
Author: Andy Saulter.

MyWave-D5.1: Report from the MyWave kick-off meeting.
Author:  Øyvind Sætra, Øyvind Breivik, Kai Haakon Cheristensen.

MyWave-D6.2: MyWave-MyOcean Cooperation Agreement.
Author: Øyvind Sætra.

MyWave-D6.3: Road Map Towards a Future Copernicus Service for Ocean Waves.
Authors:  L. Cavaleri, Ø. Saetra, A. Saulter, P. Janssen, Ø. Breyvik, M. Verlaan, A. Pomaro and P. Pezzutto.

MyWave-D6.4: Final public report.